Friday, June 4, 2010

Whoo Hoo!

So, today I accomplished something. I didn't think I could do it. The thought of making a baby jacket to go with this dress terrified me. I had never followed a pattern, the real kind you buy and if you mess it up, whoops. Yeah that kind.

I had a hard time picking the colors for this one. On the dress I lined the top in pink, and did the trim and piping in brown. I love pink, so yep, pink won out on the jacket...

Bias tape is awesome. Instead of attaching the hood like the pattern called for, I just sewed some store bought bias tape that didn't really match bias tape made from the ruffle fabric to where the hood should have gone. The jacket closes with some cute pink sheer ribbon...which, you can't really see in this post, can you? Have I mentioned that I love RUFFLES?? I don't think so, but just so you know I LOVE RUFFLES!

I was pretty impressed that I got the sleeves right on the first try. Well, practically the first try.

I have a feeling the baby will out grow the dress before the jacket, but maybe it will look cute with a onesie and some cute baby jeans??

Happy Sewing :)



  1. Oh my word, how pretty! Thanks so much for entering the contest.

  2. Just Darling!! Makes me wish for little girls in our family!!

  3. I love your colors in the fabrics! She is going to really be 'stylin' in that adorable outfit.

  4. Yay, Sydney! Now that you're a sleeve expert, I'll be expecting my new beautiful jacket soon...;)