Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A series of unfortunate events...

I love a good drama, don't you? That's kinda how I felt my sewing went the last couple of days. You know the the lovely couple is falling in love and then poof, something comes between them. This continues for several scenes until eventually, after many twists and turns, the couple finds them self together again. Yeah. That's the story of my skirt.

It all started with this fabric I wanted to turn into a summer skirt for myself. The first sewing EVER that I've done/kept for myself, that's what I get for being selfish, right??

So, the body and pockets of my skirt come together splendidly. *insert happy smiling couple here* The I decided that the white bias tape and elastic are not "pretty" enough and proceed to dye them tangerine. Yes, tangerine. *insert slightly less happy couple here* So I go and mix up my dye, fill the stainless steel sink with warm water, combine it and the dye according to package directions and put the elastic and bias tape into soak.

Fast forward 45 minutes, when my dying should be complete. As a peer into the sink, I see a perfect shade of bias tape! So excited. Then I pull out the elastic. Surely there must be a mistake! This isn't tangerine, I wouldn't even call it orange. Its white. A slightly dingier shade, albeit, but white nonetheless. *insert formerly happy couple, now separated by the trials of life, or the screen play authors, take your pick*

I'm like, ok. at least the binding will work, and I guess I'll use the slight less white elastic. So, I wash as directed, but decide I don't have time to wait on air drying, so I throw them into the dryer. No harm done. So I think.

So I pull my bias tape, its not quite as tangerine as when it was wet, but it will work. I merrily begin sewing it to the bottom of my skirt, instead of hemming the skirt as the pattern called for. I have about 6 inches left when I look down. This can't be good. Nope, hum. My bias tape, which I carefully measured in order to make sure it was the right length, is about 1.5" too short. *insert pretty girl, thinking that her beau has been stolen by another* (that was the saddest thing I could think of at the moment.) I cried. Well almost cried.

I decided I will make this work. The only question was how. Hum.....I know this is long and terribly boring, but please stick with me, I have to vent...

So I decided to turn a portion of my double fold bias tape into single fold bias tape. Perfect, right?? I thought so too. Until I finished it. I look at the husband, how does that look. At first he says fine, but with some additional prodding, states that it looks "chintzy." So, after such hard work and what I thought was ingenuity, my husband pronounces it cheap, tacky, inferior, shoddy...the list of synonyms goes on, but I shall spare you my ranting. *insert pretty girl depressed*

So. I did what any girl would do, I sat on the couch and ripped out my seams while my husband played PS2

I'll shall save the rest of the drama for tomorrow.

Happy Crafting


  1. Truly a series of unfortunate events. I especially enjoyed the clever "inserts". Boo. Sorry your skirt-making turned into such an escapade. But once you salvage it and turn it into something spectacular, you'll get an even BIGGER sense of accomplishment! Go, Sydney, go! You can do it! And yes, I would love to help you figure out your sock quilt. When are you free? I'll have to figure out when I'm free as well...

  2. So I typed this nice long reply while at dinner with Ben, but it wouldn't post. I'm off tomorrow and TR. Then part of next week I'll be off to some yet to be decided location with the hubby for a mini vacation. So it might have to be week after next...