Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm smiling. Wanna guess why?? I've made pretty good head way on some of my projects! Others are very close too, but they are stacked in the corner because I don't like the parts that are left!

Today I went to work not feeling so good, but since I'm the person that won't call in unless I have a fever or my head in the toilet, I went. I was rewarded! We had one extra nurse so they sent me home on-call. I will likely have to go back in at 3, but it was worth a couple hour nap.

After the loveliest of naps, I decided to get some work done! Which really was to avoid the REST of the work I need to do, ie. laundry, dishes, clean the cat box (Yuck!)

So...some more sneak peaks!

Some more I Spy blocks cut, Yippee!

This next project I'm quite excited about. You haven't see it before! You've heard about it, but I really haven't made much progress on it until now! Remember me asking you for pattern ideas for a twin bed? Well, I found one. Sorta. I found a quilt to mimic here, but it wasn't going to be quite large enough. So I'm adding a little bit on the sashing and an extra charm pack. I'm super excited about the border, but you'll have to wait for that one!

I love these fabrics! Its Make Life by Sweetwater for Moda. I think I have found my weakness. Pre-cut fabric. Its not too expensive if you consider you're getting 40 different fabrics and even if you only bought 1/4 yard of 40 fabrics that would be WAY more than a charm pack. I love the time it saves me! But, back to the quilt.

This little beauty is for one of my favorite little people! Little Miss Avery was the flower girl in my wedding. I lived with her family after I got kicked out of the dorm, by no fault of my own, blame it on the F4 tornado. That's a story for another day! So I fell in love with Avery and her family! Her favorite color is blue. She's also fun and spunky, I can't keep up with her!

Happy Crafting!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Progress notes

When I think of progress notes, they aren't very pleasant things. I was homeschooled (nothing wrong with that!) but we weren't very good about getting things done on time. So the 4 progress reports a year was not very fun, always cramming at the last minute!

Before you think how pitiful my progress is, hop on over to Abbey Lane Quilts her giveaway will put you in a much better mood!

1 - Black and White quilt made from fabric at Hobby Lobby ~Just have to hand sew the binding!
2 - Batik wall hanging for my crafty room
3 - Double Irish Chain quilt ~ Absolutely nothing done on this one...
4 - "cutlery rolls" ~ 3 down, 3 to go!
5 - Pink nine patch, I have a few more squares
6 - Quilt out of Moda's Make Life ~ I bought an additional charm pack and am going to do something like this, only for a twin bed! Inspired by Rebekah of Don't call me Becky!
7 - Sliced Nine Patch in Nostalgia by Moda
8 - White quilt with a pop of color, added by my Friend's cut up pile of socks! Which are still in one piece
9 - Burp cloths ~ 2 more delivered so I'm down to 9!
10 - My I Spy swap 75 of 200 blocks cut :)
I was going to give y'all a picture of my recent shopping sprees, but Blogger's photo uploader thingy isn't working... I'll try to update the post later with a picture or two...

It's working now! Here's my latest additions to my stash!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

So, you know how I was so excited about not working yesterday and missing those fire drills? Well...I get my second text message around 0700 yesterday asking me if I'd come into work. Well, not remembering the fire drills, I agree that I will (they pay me extra :-D ). Then I get to work. There is not one, not two but THREE fire drills...oh lovely day. That's ok, If I like people to come in and help if we are understaffed, I should do the same for them right?

With all that said, I have not one thing to say about my projects :( So sorry.

I'm going to go sew...

Have a great weekend

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hello there,

This is just a brief note to say Hi! I gave away 2 more sets of burp cloths today, making my baby present total 9...keep marking them off!

Haven't done much else, that's the way it is when you work 12+ hour shifts...yucky

I have to tell you one thing I'm super excited about. I'm not working this weekend, not until Tuesday actually. You know what the hospital is doing this weekend?? Every 12 hours (or once a shift) FIRE DRILLS!! Whoo-Hoo for missing those! (I hope you can hear my enthusiasm!) So sorry for my weekend friends...

That's all she wrote! Maybe more tomorrow, if I get something done...

TTFN Ta Ta for now (You can't tell I work with kids, can you??)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictureless Thursday...

Hello again!

You will be proud of me today! I haven't started any new projects! :)

I almost have the black and white quilt finished, just a bit more to go on the binding and *ta-dah* its finished!

I've started fussy cutting my 200 4" squares, not as hard as I thought.

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday. I had very long day at work and didn't feel up to it when I got home. And for those of you who say I could have posted before I went to work, I would like you to attempt to decipher my 0530 musings, please.

Sorry for the lack of pictures today, but I don't have anything quite picture worthy yet. Maybe tomorrow??


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Round Two!

Good News: I've gotten closer to completing one or two of my projects!
Bad News: I also started a new one or two.

I have decided to participate in my first fabric swap! So one of my new projects is to buy ten 1/4 yard fabrics and cut them into 200 4" squares!!! We still need participants, click on over please!!

New project two is actually already finished!! 1 TV tray + fabric + heat resistant padding = Sydney's new ironing board!!

I must confess, this idea is not my own! Saw it here while checking some other blogs!
I'm hoping that this will help me finish my other projects more quickly. I just saw the link and knew it was the perfect project for the fabric I've been coveting at Hobby Lobby! I know, its not really that far to my laundry room, is it?

'til next time,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Here goes nothing!

Well, hello blogger world! I'm new to this (as you can see) so please keep with me as I get started! I thought a list of current projects might be a good way to start, so I know someone is keeping track of my progress! Well hopefully someone will... Without further ado *drum roll* here they are!

In order of when I started!

1 - Black and White quilt made from fabric at Hobby Lobby ~ top is finished, just needs quilting!
2 - Batik wall hanging for my crafty room

3 - Double Irish Chain quilt ~lets just say I have the material, and that its still in one piece
4 - "cutlery rolls" ~ 2 down, 4 to go!

5 - Pink nine patch, I have the squares...
6 - Quilt out of Moda's Make Life, just need a pattern, suggestions?? I have 2 charm packs and a honey bun...but as always will be happy to buy more fabric
7 - Sliced Nine Patch Found at in Nostalgia by Moda
8 - White quilt with a pop of color, added by my Friend's cut up pile of socks!

9 - Burp cloths for the 11 people I know who are having babies! It was 12, But KB had her baby yesterday!! Good thing those burp cloths got finished!

The list goes on a bit more with quilting and knitting projects but we'll leave it at this!

Happy Crafting!