Friday, June 11, 2010

And it continues...

I know, I left ya hangin' didn't I? Oh well. So where was I?

Oh yeah PS2 and the seam ripper.

So I ripped all of the stitches out of my glorious orange bias tape. And went to bed. Then the next morning, I sewed bright white fresh out of the package bias tape to the bottom of my skirt. Victory! *lovely young girl finds out that her beloved is not seeing another*

On to the elastic. I've never used elastic before. Hum. I read directions. Pull elastic so fabric is taught. Ok. So I pull the elastic (you have to hold both ends to make your stitches even. Ok. Wait. This might pose a problem. My presser foot. Its in Arkansas, as you devoted blog readers shall recall. I have to push a button to start sewing, and again to make it stop. So lets count how many hands I need. 1, 2, 4 , 3. At this point I'm thinking it was unfortunate not to have been born with a genetic defect that would make sewing this way possible. So I try. I can't push the button and get my hand back fast enough. I can't use my nose, and there is no way my feet are making it up there. On to plan B (or is it like plan F or G by now??) *Young girl slightly miffed at her former beau*

I take another package of bright white bias tape, sew it around the top. Insert small elastic and sew! Ta-Da! The only problem now is I better not put anything heavy in those pockets! *and they lived happily ever after*

Here are pictures of it and the other one I made using this pattern with a little bit of tweaking.


  1. Go, Sydney, go! Two skirts! I am impressed. But I am always impressed by you, my young whippersnapper friend who is picking up sewing skills like crazy. :)

  2. Ahhhhh, so cute! Love easy little skirts! Thanks for linking!