Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Round Two!

Good News: I've gotten closer to completing one or two of my projects!
Bad News: I also started a new one or two.

I have decided to participate in my first fabric swap! So one of my new projects is to buy ten 1/4 yard fabrics and cut them into 200 4" squares!!! We still need participants, click on over please!!

New project two is actually already finished!! 1 TV tray + fabric + heat resistant padding = Sydney's new ironing board!!

I must confess, this idea is not my own! Saw it here while checking some other blogs!
I'm hoping that this will help me finish my other projects more quickly. I just saw the link and knew it was the perfect project for the fabric I've been coveting at Hobby Lobby! I know, its not really that far to my laundry room, is it?

'til next time,

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