Monday, March 22, 2010

Here goes nothing!

Well, hello blogger world! I'm new to this (as you can see) so please keep with me as I get started! I thought a list of current projects might be a good way to start, so I know someone is keeping track of my progress! Well hopefully someone will... Without further ado *drum roll* here they are!

In order of when I started!

1 - Black and White quilt made from fabric at Hobby Lobby ~ top is finished, just needs quilting!
2 - Batik wall hanging for my crafty room

3 - Double Irish Chain quilt ~lets just say I have the material, and that its still in one piece
4 - "cutlery rolls" ~ 2 down, 4 to go!

5 - Pink nine patch, I have the squares...
6 - Quilt out of Moda's Make Life, just need a pattern, suggestions?? I have 2 charm packs and a honey bun...but as always will be happy to buy more fabric
7 - Sliced Nine Patch Found at in Nostalgia by Moda
8 - White quilt with a pop of color, added by my Friend's cut up pile of socks!

9 - Burp cloths for the 11 people I know who are having babies! It was 12, But KB had her baby yesterday!! Good thing those burp cloths got finished!

The list goes on a bit more with quilting and knitting projects but we'll leave it at this!

Happy Crafting!

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