Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm smiling. Wanna guess why?? I've made pretty good head way on some of my projects! Others are very close too, but they are stacked in the corner because I don't like the parts that are left!

Today I went to work not feeling so good, but since I'm the person that won't call in unless I have a fever or my head in the toilet, I went. I was rewarded! We had one extra nurse so they sent me home on-call. I will likely have to go back in at 3, but it was worth a couple hour nap.

After the loveliest of naps, I decided to get some work done! Which really was to avoid the REST of the work I need to do, ie. laundry, dishes, clean the cat box (Yuck!)

So...some more sneak peaks!

Some more I Spy blocks cut, Yippee!

This next project I'm quite excited about. You haven't see it before! You've heard about it, but I really haven't made much progress on it until now! Remember me asking you for pattern ideas for a twin bed? Well, I found one. Sorta. I found a quilt to mimic here, but it wasn't going to be quite large enough. So I'm adding a little bit on the sashing and an extra charm pack. I'm super excited about the border, but you'll have to wait for that one!

I love these fabrics! Its Make Life by Sweetwater for Moda. I think I have found my weakness. Pre-cut fabric. Its not too expensive if you consider you're getting 40 different fabrics and even if you only bought 1/4 yard of 40 fabrics that would be WAY more than a charm pack. I love the time it saves me! But, back to the quilt.

This little beauty is for one of my favorite little people! Little Miss Avery was the flower girl in my wedding. I lived with her family after I got kicked out of the dorm, by no fault of my own, blame it on the F4 tornado. That's a story for another day! So I fell in love with Avery and her family! Her favorite color is blue. She's also fun and spunky, I can't keep up with her!

Happy Crafting!

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