Monday, March 29, 2010

Progress notes

When I think of progress notes, they aren't very pleasant things. I was homeschooled (nothing wrong with that!) but we weren't very good about getting things done on time. So the 4 progress reports a year was not very fun, always cramming at the last minute!

Before you think how pitiful my progress is, hop on over to Abbey Lane Quilts her giveaway will put you in a much better mood!

1 - Black and White quilt made from fabric at Hobby Lobby ~Just have to hand sew the binding!
2 - Batik wall hanging for my crafty room
3 - Double Irish Chain quilt ~ Absolutely nothing done on this one...
4 - "cutlery rolls" ~ 3 down, 3 to go!
5 - Pink nine patch, I have a few more squares
6 - Quilt out of Moda's Make Life ~ I bought an additional charm pack and am going to do something like this, only for a twin bed! Inspired by Rebekah of Don't call me Becky!
7 - Sliced Nine Patch in Nostalgia by Moda
8 - White quilt with a pop of color, added by my Friend's cut up pile of socks! Which are still in one piece
9 - Burp cloths ~ 2 more delivered so I'm down to 9!
10 - My I Spy swap 75 of 200 blocks cut :)
I was going to give y'all a picture of my recent shopping sprees, but Blogger's photo uploader thingy isn't working... I'll try to update the post later with a picture or two...

It's working now! Here's my latest additions to my stash!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning our little give away at ABBEY LANE QUILTS. Sounds like you have been busy with all your projects. Good Luck in the contest.