Thursday, February 3, 2011

Miss Maesa

Sorry I've been out of the loop lately.  Not much going on on the crafty front.

I want to tell you a story.  You can find more of it here.

Maesa is 5.  She loves pink.  She'll paint any and all volunteer's fingernails in an heartbeat. She likes to glob "polka dots" on top of they newly painted fingernails.  Maesa also has CF.  She has to be on oxygen all the time. She's waiting for new lungs after being listed for a double lung transplant in January.  She needs them.  Soon. Pray that she get's them? They are holding on to the words of one of the Drs..."We need to keep praying for the good news of a transplant, and fight the battle, at the end, only God will decide our destiny."

Clarification: Maesa is just a friend from work. She isn't my daughter.

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