Friday, February 4, 2011

A bright spot among all this dang snow!

Seriously.  This is not the Oklahoma I signed up for.  1+ foot of snow. Now its snowing again. And AGAIN on Monday!  What the crap? Really. We don't own snow boots.  Nor do we have a shovel.  My wonderful hubby was going to dig his car out with a bowl yesterday.  (a nice neighbor lent him a shovel though!)  Here is my car.  Still unshoveled.  I'm so making the hubby take me to work Monday.  If we're not buried under mountains of snow again.

So what did I do on Tuesday while we were getting more than an inch of snow an hour? (Besides being dragged into work to ensure I would be there to work Wednesday)

--Oh and a little side note.  I will never ever ever work nights again!  I filled in Tuesday and Wednesday nights because of short staff....I didn't know my right from my left by the time it was over. All on about 6 hours of sleep from Monday morning until Thursday morning.  Scary Huh?  The lady who is coming at you with sharp pointy objects hasn't slept in 24 hours.  I didn't miss though :)

Ok. Back to the cute craftiness that transpired Tuesday before said crafter was dragged kicking and screaming (not really) into work.

I thought our door looked kinda naked after the hubby removed my Christmas wreath from our door.  Previous wreath:

I love it.  However it kinda blends in with all the freaking white we've got right now.  So let the crafting begin!

I had gathered my supplies on Monday, anticipating the snowpocalypse (which the lady at Joann's didn't believe was coming.  Ha!)

I had several ideas...hence the variety of supplies.  I just couldn't make up my mind.

Step 1:
Wrap yarn around Styrofoam wreath form. Note: Styrofoam will melt when in prolonged contact with hot glue gun.

Unlike last time, I wrapped yarn over itself to give it a more bulky look. Keep wrapping until you have the whole wreath covered in the yarn of your choice (it takes way less than one skien of cheap lion brand yarn to cover the wreath)

Step 2:

Paint wooden letters. Not as easy as it sounds. I wanted them to have a vintage feel to them, but the antiquing medium just looked dingy.  This is what I ended up doing.
One coat red paint (to sides and top of wood).  One coat antiquing medium. Let dry until tacky. Take paper towel and blot to remove some of the medium giving it a splotchy look.  Paint over with one or two more coats of red. 

Hot glue letters to wire (I added fake pearls on either side of the letters (strung on the wire) and secured with hot glue. 

Make one feather flower and TA-DA!

 One red Valentine's wreath to cheer me up :)

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  1. Cute, cute! And like you, I am SO OVER the snow already. This is nuts.