Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am alive...

I know its been awhile...thanks every one for checking on me :)

I've been sewing up a storm for my little sister's dorm room and between that and work, haven't had time for much else :(

Here's the list of my sewing accomplishments since my last post:
1) Bedroom curtains
2) Closet curtains
3) 4 placemats
4) 2 potholders
5) Dishtowel
6) 2 pillows

And still to make when I get the measurements and the fabric:

Curtains for the living room
Maybe some tiebacks for the curtains and a couple more dish towels, maybe...

This doesn't even mention the ever-accumulating list of Christmas and Baby presents.  Come on people, take your birth control please! At least don't have the baby until AFTER Christmas! You're killing me!  Not so much, but look at the long list of prego friends makes me realize not every one is going to get a quilt.  Sorry.  How about some cute appliquéd onesies?? 

Speaking of appliqué...I make a little needle book for myself.  Just to try out appliqué really.  It look pretty darn good.  A little bit off, I machine appliquéd it. I have quite a few needles.  I like picking up sewing stuff at estate sales, and got a tub with alot of that stuff in there last time.  Maybe I'll take some pictures of it soon.  (Probably before the little sis gets her new pictures sent to me *hint*hint*)

Enough rambling.  I'm going to eat and go to bed.  Not sleeping well + getting up at 0530 + more than 12 hour shift = in bed by 915 (2115 for all of you who rock that military time)  :)

Nighty Night

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  1. Get plenty of rest or you won't be able to accomplish all that you've set out to do!! Take care!!!