Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brain Freeze...

Apparently my brain can only formulate posts every two weeks or so!

The real reason for delaying any wonderfully crafty news I might have is because I don't have any!! I hope the rest of you will feel my pain when I tell you know when I went home a couple weeks ago?? Well I took my sewing machine with me. I was so proud that I remembered to bring it home, I was so worried I'd forget and then not be able to sew for weeks. Well, its also hard to sew if you forget the power cord! *sob* So there is the reason for my lack of anything crafty.

I did start working on some baby shoes, but can't finish them until I get my cord back....AHHH! So I'm sitting here, making yo-yos to go on something. Maybe a pillow case dress, maybe a lamp, a quilt, or an actual pillow, I don't know yet.

What else can you do with yo-yos??

Maybe next time I'll have more crafty progress for you...


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